Justin Ferrari’s Widow Speaks With His Killer

We have followed the case of Justin Ferrari fairly closely, and today Andrew Patterson, Ferrari’s killer in the second degree murder case, will sit before a judge in the King County courthouse and hear his sentence. According to the Seattle … Continue reading

Man Charged of Killing Justin Ferrari Pleads Not Guilty

The gentleman who has recently been charged of shooting and killing  the Madrona father, Justin Ferrari pleaded not guilty to 2nd degree murder in a court hearing Monday. According to the Seattle Times, court record indicate Andrew Jermain Patterson has … Continue reading

Big News: Suspect Arrested for Justin Ferrari’s Death

A 20-year-old man was arrested in Federal Way for his alleged role in the murder of Justin Ferrari.  Ferrari lost his life when he was caught in the crossfire when driving through the intersection of MLK Jr. Way and Cherry … Continue reading

Justin Ferrari Obituary

In case you did not see it, Justin Ferrari’s obituary is in the Seattle Times.  Click the previous link to read it. Many Madrona residents have wondered what they can do to show support.  The family has asked: In lieu … Continue reading

Patterson Pleads Guilty of the Murder of Ferrari

  Andrew Patterson has pleaded guilty in the murder of Justin Ferrari in May of 2012. 21 year old Patterson was arrested July 19, 2012 after a heavy investigation. While in a dispute with another individual, Patterson pulled a gun and fired shots … Continue reading

Police Find Man Convicted of Killing Madrona Father

This news may come a little delayed, as the story was in Saturday’s Seattle Times, but nonetheless is still important to broadcast that police have found the man who is responsible for shooting Justin Ferrari on May 24th. According to … Continue reading

Seattle Times Article on Madrona Man who was Murdered

The Seattle Times wrote an article on Justin Ferrari, the Madrona man, who was tragically murdered from a stray bullet as he was driving along Cherry Street with his kids and parents in their Volkswagen van.  The article describes the … Continue reading